Become A Brand Rep

SO many people have asked about becoming an ambassador for us, and at the time it just wasn’t something that we offered. BUT…we are now offering (on a trial basis) some fun new opportunities for our amazing customers!

how does it work?

if you’re someone who LOVES Southern Belles and Bows, and will have no problem sharing on your social media just how much you do… then this could be the perfect fit for you! we will choose ONE new face every month, to be our rep for that entire month! the one rep we choose now will be the rep all through November, with someone else carrying it through December, and so on.

what do I do?

you will receive a PERSONAL 30% off code for your PERSONAL use (do not share this with your followers). this is how you can snag your items at a steal to share on your social media! your code is valid for the whole month, on NEW arrivals, and up to 4 items! you will also receive a 10% OFF code to SHARE with your FOLLOWERS whenever you make a post, so that they can shop all of our styles at a discount provided by YOU!

how do I get paid?

the 10% off code you share with your followers is how we will track how many sales YOUR code brings in for that month, and at the end of the month you will receive 10% of the sales YOU brought in with that code! for example: if your code brought in $200 in sales for that month, then you will make $20! how awesome is that?! all just for posting on Instagram! how often you post is up to you (although 1-2 posts a week, minimum, are required), but keep in mind the more you share, the higher your chances are of everyone using your code! *we will send you your funds at the end of the month securely through PayPal.*

how do I apply?

  • email us at / subject BRAND REP
  • with your name, PayPal email, and Instagram account (if your account is private we will not be able to view your profile for consideration)
  • let us know if you have shopped with us / are familiar with the brand
thank you so much to everyone who wants to be a part of this! you all mean so much to us and we couldn't do it without you! xo, Megan